Dargaville Museum

Dargaville Museum has grown over the years to become a fascinating must see attraction when visiting Dargaville. Located in Harding Park with its magnificent views overlooking the district and the Northern Wairoa river, the Museum now has 1800 square metres of exhibition space.

Stories tell of how the district has developed through the years, from the 16 metre long pre-European Maori canoe through to the newly built replica gumdiggers camp, from shipwreck relics recovered from the coast to the masts of the ill-fated Greenpeace protest ship Rainbow Warrior. The Museum provides a number of outstanding displays to interest the whole family.  Exhibitions include relics from shipwrecks, Maori artefacts, a working model railway, replica Dalmatian Gum diggers camp and a large Kauri Gum exhibition. There is also a Genealogy & research department and Aratapu Library & musical exhibit. Click to find out more about times and prices.

Dargaville Museum Replica Gum Digger Camp Kauri Gum Collection Accordian Collection at Dargaville Museum






The Kauri Museum in Matakohe

This award winning attraction tells the story of our pioneering settlers though the lens of the Kauri Industry. The museum specializes in the legacy of our Kauri Forests; specifically the strong durable timber and the highly prized Kauri Gum. Experience the adventures of our pioneering settlers and appreciate the legacy of our Kauri forests.

  • Explore interactive hands on displays
  • Venture into the historic buildings and discover New Zealands rich heritage
  • Get to know the people behind the mannequins and their stories

Kauri Museum Entrance    Kauri Industry Displays     Industry machinery Caterpillar    How big is the Kauri tree? Climb on in....

36 Carrington Street, Dargaville
Phone: +64 9 439 8338